hyperorb puzzle
About me:
That picture below is me, Chris Wilson. I recently completed my Computer Science BS degree at LeTourneau University and have put together this page to allow easy access to projects I have worked that I believe showcase my skills as a programmer. For a formal look at my qualifications, feel free to download my resume.

The achievement I am most proud to share on this webpage is the HyperOrb Puzzle project which was a combined effort between Erland Injerd and I. The game is far from finished, and we still have plans to work on it once we are able to find the time again. Although its not much to look at, HyperOrb has an amazing amount of functionality that is not shown in the one level we were able to get together. The number of things I learned during my work on HyperOrb are put to good use in every application I have made since.

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