hyperorb puzzle
Description: A simulated 3 by 3 Rubik's Cube written in C++ and visualized with OpenGL that can be manipulated with your mouse.

Requires: 3D Card

Left Mouse Button - Click and drag a block to manipulate the cube.
Right Mouse Button - Click and drag to rotate the cube


Standalone: Win32

Requires GLUT: Win32 / Source

Description: A simple program that generates a self contained maze that has no loops. The data for a maze can be saved and loaded from a file. After a valid maze is loaded, an optimal solution can be generated.

Requires: Java Developement Environment from Sun

Controls: Simple Command Interface

Download: Source

Description: I designed this simple calculator to help teach myself how to use the MFC wizard and libraries included in Visual Studio 6. It is written in C++ and the source is available below.

Download: Win32 / Source

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